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производство трансформаторов, подстанций, электрооборудования
Transformers production        Power stations production 

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We perfectly well understand the importance of selecting the partner especially when referring a reliable and qualitative power supply. Transformer plant with a longstanding history of business in Russia offers complex solutions in power engineering. These solutions are based on advanced technological developments and proved in severe environmental conditions of Russian Federation. Our mission is to extend the boundaries of Russian product implementation owing to its reliability, usability, efficiency and modular concept for all the engineering solutions.

Our Brand

The goods developed at the plant are manufactured under common brand of Transformer. This name represents simplicity, reliability and modular concept of product.

All the products are certified in accordance with Safety Standards.

Transformer plant produces cast resin transformers and oil immersed transformers: Dry cast  resin transformers

Cast resin transformers
Dry cast resin transformers are designed with capacity range of 25 to 3150 kVA. These are the largest range of this kind of equipment offered on Russian market. The transformers of the Transformer Company have high degree of reliability due thorough observance of production procedures which is fully corresponding with the world standards. These transformers can be operated at temperature ranges of -250º C to +400º C. The products of the Transformer Company are fire safe and environmentally friendly. The transformers have compact design, easy installed and require minimum maintenance during the whole 25 years service life. These features allow them to be installed in hospitals, banks, residentials and industrial facilities.

Capacity25÷3150 kVA 
Rated high voltage(6, 10, 20, 35 kV) ±2×2,5 % 
Rated low voltage400V
Class of electric equipment voltage6 kV, 10 kV, 20 kV, 35 kV,
Material of HV and LV windingsAluminum/copper 
Partial discharge factor ≤10 pC 
Class of thermal classification F (155º С)
Class of fire-resistance F1
Class of environmental safety E2 
Temperature of operation, transportation and storage-25 … +40º С, -60 … +40º С 
Service life30 years 
Warranty period5 years 
Oil immersed transformers
Oil immersed transformers
Oil immersed transformers are well proved themselves as transformers for work in separately standing substations. Company plant produces oil transformers with capacity of 16 to 2500кVA.

For operation in mega cities the Russian experts have especially developed oil transformers of high reliability. They are compact and withstand overloads.

Capacity 16÷2500 kVA 
Rated high voltage(6, 10, 20 kV) ±2×2,5 % 
Rated low voltage400 V 
Class of electric equipment voltage6 kV, 10 kV, 20 kV 
Material of HV/LV windingsCopper/aluminum 
Class of thermal classification B (105º С) 
Temperature of operation, transportation and storage-45 … +40º С, -60 … +40º С 
Service life30 years 
Warranty period5 years

Power stations
Power stations

The complete power stations of «Transformer» brand are manufactured on the basis of engineering blocks and electrical equipment made by TRANSFORMER Group. By customer request TRANSFORMER Group develops projects of substations with use of equipment of the various world manufacturers. The equipment assembling is made both in the plant and at site of substation.

Transformer power stations differes with a wide range of overall dimensions and lay-outs.

The enterprise offers substations of 6 basic series developed for power supply of consumers of different level.

The «Transformer» brand substations are capable to localize explosion of the oil transformer without damage to surroundings. They can withstand an earthquake up to 9 points.

These substations are used in more than 30 regions of Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan.