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производство трансформаторов, подстанций, электрооборудования
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TRANSFORMER Group enterprise manufactures products for fuel and energy sector of the economy. Manufactured products are used in the fuel and energy industry of the country. The production facilities fully corresponding to up-to-date requirements are located in the City of Podolsk. They were commissioned in 2006.

Owing to the progressive technologies and equipment implemented at the enterprise, the manufactured product undergoes the total cycle of processing starting from the zero point up to the finished product. This makes it possible to control the production quality at all the stages. The preparation has been started to obtain the international certification of the quality management system as corresponding to ISO 9001: 2000 Standard.

Nowadays, the enterprise carries out its activities in two principal directions: production of transformers and factory assembled modular (concrete) sub-stations, as well as of engineering blocks.

TRANSFORMER Group enterprise manufactures productsThe plant produces transformers of two types: oil-immersed up to 2500 kVA, and dry-type up to 3150 kVA. The principal advantages of the oil- immersed transformers of the new generation are as follows: hermetical design, reduced dimensions, minimal operating costs. The dry-type transformers are characterized by reduced dimensions and low noise level, which allows their installation in built-in sub-stations. They are used in the networks of OJSC MKS MOSENERGO since 2001.

Modular factory assembled one and two transformer sub-stations for three-phase AC current, frequency of 50 Hz, for voltage of up to 20 kV, general purpose, using domestic and/or foreign electrical equipment with air and SF6 gas insulation, are designed for receiving, transformation and distributions of electric power. These sub-stations are operated without constant maintenance by the field personnel. The variable cabinet dimensions (width 2.5-3.0 m; length 3.5-6.5 m.) allow using it for installation of equipment of any type.